The art work I am presenting is art depicting the American Dream, whether it be a city skyline showing the floors ' From the bottom floor a starter floor to the top floor being the pinnacle of
Success. Or a painting of a farm and all its land surrounding the home one built, and builds on To create their American Dream. Or a painting of a hotel that runs like clockwork , a place for people to relax And enjoy the fruits of their labors. Or a painting of a cottage in the woods, being a place of solitude and relaxation. A get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or town, in which one lives. All these paintings depict growth, a home, a get away, a city skyline, in which we all Live and work in, The art works are brilliant and lively, colorful and joyful. They all show what is possible for one to achieve, or inspire one to achieve. My art is built on layers of brush strokes like the layers of days , months, and yea rs Of our lives we build on them, carefully to create a whole life, a complete life, Like I create my art, working on it till completion , and contentment fills the Empty canvas with colors shades and hues, we pursue and enjoy the beauty of life. The colors being our view of our surroundings , The shades being family, friends, and loved ones, all being different in some Way shape or form, with diversity, being the artwork of our lives, The Hue's being the ups and downs of life, the struggles become layers Of task completed, As the art grows and thrives to completion.

Gmail _ BIue Mesa Review _ Santa Fe Dream
 Timothy Phillips <>
Blue Mesa Review - Santa Fe Dream
Dear Timothy Phillips,
Thank you for sending us "santa Fe Dream." we love it and would like to publish it in the next issue of Blue Mesa Review (the first attached piece titled ,,Santa Fe Dream"). Can you please confirm it's still available? please 
Thanks again.



Sent by Debra Eck on 03:55 fifA5/2019
Message about your submissions to 'Blue Mind'
The message below relates to the following submissions you made to 'Blue Mind'. J _ . "True Blue" made on 09/0412019
Dear Artist - yow work has been selected for inclusion in our exhibition Blue Mind. Please send an email to the 'gallery to acknowledge your intent to exhibit the selected work at 3rdon3rdgallery@gmailcom. We will then send you a copy of the standard gallery contract for you to sign and return to the gallery with the work. W.e cannot exhibit work without the signed contract. If you are no longer interested, please do us the courtesy of an email or message so we know a lot to expect your work - thank you. Please send your work to the gallery no later than May 30th. We strongly recommend that you do NOT ship any work with glass in the frames. Local artists who are hand delivering their work may do so May 28th,29th, or 30th. The gal1ery is open 10am -6pm 3rd on 3rd Gallery Reg Lenna Center for The Arts 1 16 East Third Street Jamestown, NY ATA| Attn: Deb Eck
We cannot guarantee that late arriving work will be exhibited.
The exhibition opens on June lst. There will be a series of public events over the course of the exhibition and artists will receive an email notification as soon as all the details are finalized
Again, congratulations and I look forward to seeing your work in person, best Deb Eck

See Me Exhibition Space After Party Digital Display

Congratulations x One Self

Serena at See

Dear Timothy,

Thank you for your participation in SeeMe’s One Self competition, celebrating identity and self-reflection.  We are thrilled to be creating with you!

We’re excited to share that your work will be digitally exhibited June 13th at the Chashama Gala & Afterparty in New York City! Your submission is being reviewed by the One Self jury panel with winning artists to be announced in the coming days.

This year, ChaShaMa has converted the 66th floor of One World Trade Center into a massive maze of artistic wonder, featuring bearded ladies, pole-dancing spirographs, and surprises around every corner.

Get your ticket here to experience an outrageous array of 200+ performances, installations, and interactive environments at the Chashama Art Party! Use Discount Code: ArtPartyFriends for 50% off of tickets (Expires May 31st, 2019).

Thank you for being a member of SeeMe, we are so proud to have you in our community. Please keep an eye out on our emails and stay tuned for the Grand Prize Winner announcement!

All the best,


RE: [Genre: Urban Arts] Windows To My Soul 1 message Genre: Urban Arts 
Dear Timothy Phillips,
Thank you for your submission to Genre: Urban Arts and sending us "Windows To My Soul". We love it and would like to publish it in the next issue of Genre: Urban Arts.
Website lf there are other submissions that accompanied the accepted submission, they will be published on the site Once your work is scheduled on the site, we will contact you. lf you do not approve of having your work on, please respond to this correspondence with your objection, and it will be removed from our list.
Genre: Urban Arts is a platform where artists can become published digitally and in print. Genre: Urban Arts also provides exhibiting and performing opportunities for visual and performance artists via pop-up galleries. Please support us in our mission by purchasing copies of the print and other merchandise on our site's shop.
As a contributor to our print, we ask that you add us on social media to help us spread the word. We are on all social media as @GenreUrbanArts.
Sincerely, Nakeysha Roberts Washington & Genre: Urban Arts Editorial 

Window To The  Soul 22x28

Cosumnes River Journal 

Mon, Mar 4, 11:44 PM

to me

Dear Timothy Phillips, Thank you very much for your submission to the Cosumnes River Journal. We are pleased to report that we have accepted "North Shore Beach". We love it and would like to publish it in the next issue of the Cosumnes River Journal. Please send us a fifty-word biographical statement (written from the third person perspective) ASAP, no later than March 19, 2019. The 2019 edition will be distributed on May 16, 2019, from 6:30-8 p.m., on the CRC campus, in the Winn Center Community Room (WIN-150), We hope you will join us to read your writing or show off your art. (Please note: parking on campus is $2, and passes can be purchased in the lots.) Additionally, we are happy to send each artist three complimentary copies. Please send us your mailing address. Thank you very much for sharing your work with us. We are sincerely grateful. Sincerely, Heather Hutcheson Cosumnes River Journal

North Shore Beach 18x24

Chestnut Review 

Tue, Jun 18, 1:37 PM (11 days ago)

to me

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Congratulations! This message confirms the acceptance of your work to Chestnut Review. We loved your piece and consider it a blessing to have it appear in the magazine. 

Your painting "Corner Of The Hemmingway House" will appear in the Summer 2019 issue of Chestnut Review.

We'll be in touch regarding proofing prior to the issue's release. Please confirm that the piece is still available as soon as possible. Any additional pieces you submitted we hereby release with the hope that they also find their places elsewhere.

Corner Of The Hemmingway House 24 x 24

Our Stories Out Front

Jun 18, 2019, 12:13 PM (11 days ago)

to me

Dear Timothy, 
Thank you for your submission to “OurVoices, OutFront”. We would like to publish your submission "Nature is Calling” in the June issue of the journal. Your included biography was very detailed but too long for including in the issue. Could you please edit this down to 250-300 characters in length? Please send it to by the end of day on Thursday, June 20th. 

Additionally, please read our publishing agreement below & reply to this email with "I Agree." 

The work submitted is original and created by you, the author. 

You understand your work may be copy edited or reformatted prior to publication. We may also make content-based editorial suggestions, which you may take into consideration. OutFront will not significantly edit your work. 

You release to OurVoices, OutFront, meaning that once your work is published by OurVoices, OutFront, all rights revert to you, the author. You retain copyright and may publish this work elsewhere once the one-time rights of OutFront are executed via publication. 

You consent to the use of your name and any biographical information you provide to fire borderlines for any subsequent website or social media sites or promotions and in onsite and external marketing efforts, including, but not limited to, social media, contributor page content and press releases distributed to media. 

You indemnify OutFront—that is, you grant immunity—from any copyright your submitted work may infringe upon. 

You understand that there is no monetary compensation provided for your published work. However, you will receive one copy of the journal as well as a 10% discount on additional copies purchased. 

Thank you for your work, and congratulations. 

The Editors

Home Away From Home 22x28

Castabout Art & Literature Magazine

Deat Timothy F Phillips RE: [Castabout Art & Literature] [Congratulations!] 3 messages Castabout Art & Literature at 4:33 pM To: timphilli a Submibtable


Dear Timothy Phillips, Congratulations! This message confirms the acceptance of one of your submissions "Flock Of Feather" to the cover of an upcoming publication of Castabout Art and Literature. We hope that you will allow us to publish your work on the cover. Your submission was excellent! Thank you so much for submitting it. Thanks again. Sincerely, Nathan Dantoin Castabout Art and Literature Click here to confirm acceptance:

Flock Of Feathers 22 x 28

Flock Of Feathers will be on the cover of their newest publication