The art work I am presenting is art depicting the American Dream, whether it be a city skyline showing the floors ' From the bottom floor a starter floor to the top floor being the pinnacle of
SUCCCSS. Or a painting of a farm and all its land surrounding the home one built, and builds on To create their American Dream. Or a painting of a hotel that runs like clockwork , a place for people to relax And enjoy the fruits of their labors. Or a painting of a cottage in the woods, being a place of solitude and relaxation. A get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or town, in which one lives. All these paintings depict growth, a home, a get away, a city skyline, in which we all Live and work in, The art works are brilliant and lively, colorful and joyful. They all show what is possible for one to achieve, or inspire one to achieve. My art is built on layers of brush strokes like the layers of days , months, and yea rs Of our lives we build on them, carefully to create a whole life, a complete life, Like I create my art, working on it till completion , and contentment fills the Empty canvas with colors shades and hues, we pursue and enjoy the beauty of life. The colors being our view of our surroundings , The shades being family, friends, and loved ones, all being different in some Way shape or form, with diversity, being the artwork of our lives, The Hue's being the ups and downs of life, the struggles become layers Of task completed, As the art grows and thrives to completion.