Timothy Phillips was born on the bitter cold day of January 15th 1963 he stands as a self-taught artist in the naive & Folksy, Primitive style, he was coloring and drawing on paper before he learned to read and write. He was drawing pictures of his surroundings, mountains, valleys and streams & farm houses with colorful details. Later on in his school years he flourished in art class. He moved quite often through his teen years and therefore had many new surroundings to paint and draw. After High school he entered the Army specializing in communications. After 3 years of service out of the country he returned to his home town of Coudersport Pa. Throwing himself back into his art he did paintings of homes around the vicinity where he resided.


His paintings always have meanings to them, a memory, a favorite place he may have visited, or just the beauty of a mountain side with a little stream and a cottage placed perfectly. He bought a Winnebago and traveled to every state in the country painting along the way, selling his art at festivals and art shows. Over 25 years ago he settled here on Miami Beach painting everything he saw. He sold his art through galleries such as the Creative Frame Gallery in Bal Harbor and the Bass Museum . He worked hanging art for years and therefore was around clients all the time, working on perfecting his craft.


His art is in private collections around the world With collectors such as Lady Sarah Churchill and Prince Agon Furstenberg, and Guy Burgose. He's had one man and group shows around the Fort Lauderdale area in museums and galleries. Including a group show in the Fort Lauderdale public library. He recently donated a painting to the organization "Painting Out Poverty" in Washington D.C.


Artist Statement


"I've always considered myself to be a naive primitive and folksy type artist I've loved Grandma Moses she inspired me so much in my teens I later began to enjoy Henrik Rousseau, Mikhail Larionov and Paul Klee...


The themes of my art go from skylines to landscapes to famous homes and hotels around Miami and the Florida Keys and the world. I love the skylines for the many shapes and colors of buildings layered on top and around each other at the same time I love doing landscapes because of the beauty and simplicity of a single tree the layers of colors and shapes and forms always allow me to paint in depth mixing and twisting branches around each other as well I love painting the architecture of famous buildings & homes with my niave twist, Like the famous painters The Highway Men, it seems I can create a mood that's simple in style and get that glowing effect when I use my colors wisely. It's a dream coming true on canvas...


I am constantly learning new ways to create a certain feeling with every brushstroke of color from my paint brush."


Timothy F. Phillips


 Inspiration: my grandmother at age ten with my first paint set.
         Education: I studied art in High School at the Coudersport Jr, Sr. High.
Becoming a self taught artist into my late 20's after a 3 years in the
U.S. Army. I moved to Miami around 1989 or so. And met my mentor Gustavo Novoa. I was his personal assistant for more than 14 years, doing everything and anything to do with art. Shipping receiving hanging and delivering networking etc.
He took me under his wing to show me techniques he used through his career starting out in chili. As a  young artist. 
After some time my art became identifiable with certain themes, treatments of colors and careful brushstrokes that do not always result in a common style,  My style became naïve' / primitive. 
I began painting cityscapes , country sides , and tropical foliage with beautiful florida homes and tropical birds in their natural surroundings.
Being from Pennsylvania I still paint Northern themes and hunting cottages from time to time. I've lived all over the United States from traveling for 5 years from state to state doing art fairs and shows in all different states. Picking up different types of trees and landscapes along the way.
I've lived on Miami Beach for over 25 years on Byron ave.
I paint out of my house here on the beach.

I Have been changing up my backgrounds with emotional skies, and using the many photographs I've taken over the years, using shading values more and more to show depth and distance in my art.  I have been doing a lot of detailed work right down to the blades of grass and feathers on the birds.
I have done a few abstracts which is teaching me even more about the mixture of colors and how to layer them properly to get a certain feel and look to my art, making it even more joyful and colorful than ever.

I Have used acrylic on canvas for years. It is my favorite medium to use.
You can easily remove wet paint with a damp rag, and start over the area,
or you can easily paint over the area to correct what may be out of form
or out of place at that point in the painting. 
Acrylics are very forgiving in this sense


I started out with small shows. At Bass Museum Of Art in 2002 to 2004, 
I had a show at the Fort Lauderdale Public Library with other Artist
from the area. 
Along with shows at different small establishments like coffee houses
and diners and cafés from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys.
I just finished a show at Emerson & Dorsch Gallery ( The "I See The Spot
Light In You" Show,  In the Wynwood
Design District of Miami with Artist and Curator Clifton Childree.
I recently signed a 2 year contract with Artlink Co. being their first choice
 in their newest venture with Holland Cruise Lines, and have my art 
for sale on several of the Holland Cruise Line Ships 
I am the featured Artist on the December 21st Issue of A 5 Art Magazine
out the U.K. and distributed around the world, I was chosen from 100's of submissions.

I've had my photography Digitally featured at the Musee Du Louvre in 
Paris in 2017. 
My art is in the private collections of Lady Sarah Churchill, 
Prince Egon von Furstenberg , Guy Burgos, Doctors Michael & Lois Krop
founder of the Krop High School In Aventura, Bill Drake founder of 
American Spirit Co. among many others


I am looking to rent a space in Miami for the year of 2019 to show
my art work and others to the community.
I have submitted art to several art magazines and galleries around the world
I am working with William Etundi Jr. founder of See.Me on several
possibilities on getting more exposure like he did for me
at the Louvre. 

I've always been inspired by Grandma Moses, and her works of art
and life time achievements. I have always been inspired by
Georgia O'Keeffe visiting her gallery in Santa Fe several times,
and her life time achievements. 
Gustavo Novoa has always been an inspiration as he started young
like myself and has become famous world wide, with 
Wally Findlay Galleries. 
Claude Monet is also inspiration.

I love character acting, Like I did at the Emerson & Dorsch show
I played a character and read a poem with my music playing
Called " The Phantoms Red Cloak " along with my art on 
their walls at the time.  I have played many different 
characters in my YouTube video's through the years.
I have written many songs and lyrics, I enjoy playing the piano
and playing the guitar.
I have written poetry since I was very young it has helped
me throughout the years to deal with anything thrown my way.
As well I love the football season. It's my time of year to enjoy.



I feel blessed to be able to bring joy to peoples lives
Through my art and sharing my talent.

Timothy F. Phillips naïve style paintings reflect the artist's fascination with the simplicity of beauty in the world. Using brilliant saturated colors rather than more subtle mixtures and tones., the artist gives the false impression of childlike simplicity in execution and vision. Though we can easily identify objects on the painting's plane such as houses and birds there is a feeling of absence in perspective, which creates the illusion that these objects are floating in the painting's space. Like other naïve artists before him, such as Andre' Bauchant and Henri Rousseau, Phillips is seeking to get away from what he sees as the insincere sophistication of art created within the traditional system and to present a playful, colorful, dreamlike reality. Each painting has a meaning, a memory, a favorite place the artist may have visited in childhood, or simply a gaze into the distance.
Timothy F. Phillips' works have been purchased by private collectors and exhibited in several galleries throughout the United States