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Timothy F Phillips was born on a bitterly cold day in January 1963 in the hills of Northern Pennsylvania an old coal town. He stands as a self-taught primitive/ naïve artist. He was coloring on paper before He learned to read and write, his drawing consisting of the surrounding mountains valleys and streams with farmhouses Later on in his High School years, he flourished as an Artist. He now is represented at ArtFusion/Fusion Art Gallery in the Wynwood Design District of Miami, handpicked by Owner William Braemer himself. He is now represented by Artlink Gallery (Supplier of fine art around the world), Stav Theodor chose him as their first Artist to be represented by the company on Several Holland Cruise Line ship that sails the Caribbean Islands. He has been recently featured in several Art Magazines like A5 Art Magazine out of the UK, distributed to over 150 countries featured Artist for Dec 2018 Through April 2019. The Open Arts Forum designated him to be featured. The High Shelf Press debut issue #21 featured his art. ArtDex Art Magazine recently stated “Founder Jenny was much enamored by his artwork and featured him on Dec 11th, 2018. Strawlitter Productions featured him in a two page spread in their reference book “Quotes” which will be in the London Library forever as a reference book. Castabout Art & Literature just featured him in their publication. The Oakland Review just featured him in their March Book . He was digitally feature at Musee du Louvre in Paris on July 13th, 2015. He has developed a unique style which is recognized by Artist & Collectors the world over.


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Timothy F. Phillips frames his vision of his artwork with bright foliage so his skies glimmer and his moons glow in and evening hue. In a careful analysis of Timothy’s paintings, one of the first things we notice is that his subjects are a little slanted or off tilt.

For him, the words of Grandma Moses rings true: “I am a primitive naïve type artist and that works for me.” He sees a primitive artist as an amateur whose works sell. Timothy works with feelings, emotions, and imagination so that spirit prevails and art becomes first and foremost an expression of his own faith. He hopes to create simple beauty with a complex style.

For Grandma Moses, “impressionistic realism lost all its enchantment when contemplating the miracle of imagination.”  Timothy does not conceive his work only as a beautiful object in itself, nor does he present the “realities” of the exterior world in his beautiful abodes and skylines, and riverbanks with colorful little boats afloat. Rather, he expresses the perceptions born of his own meditational self-therapy which he has done since he was just a child of 10 drawing on the sidewalks of his little home town of Coudersport Pennsylvania. He makes us all aware of his view of new dimensions where little houses and little cats become symbols that transmit that “another reality is hidden behind appearances,” and enchanted paths to the beach come to suggest evocative images of a better world for all to enjoy and live in contentment.

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