From: Swamp Ape Review

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: Congratulations from Swamp Ape Review!

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Congratulations! Swamp Ape Review would be pleased to publish your pieces "True Blue" and "South Point Light house," in our upcoming issue.

If you are still interested in publication, please let us know as soon as possible, preferably by November 16. We are sending you a contract, which, by your signing, will confirm that this piece has not been previously published by a different magazine media outlet. The contract will ask for a final title for your piece and a 50-word bio written in the third person, which you are welcome to send to us in an email or as an attached Word document. It will also ask for a final version of your work, which should be at least 300 dpi.

We love to post about our contributors' exhibitions and other endeavors on social media. If you would like us to do so for you, follow us at Facebook/swampapereview and on Instagram and Twitter at @SwampApeReview so we can follow you back and share with our followers.

Thank you for choosing us to share your work and the contract is attached below!

Best wishes,
Colton Alexander Martin
Swamp Ape Review Visual Art Editor

From: Victoria Waddle

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: Inlandia Acceptance Bountiful Colors Natures Eye Candy

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Thank you for sending us "Bountiful Colors Natures Eye Candy". We love “When Birds Fly,” “Twilight Retreat,” and “Key Lime Estates.” and would like to publish them in the next issue of Inlandia, if still available. If you did not include one in your submission, please forward a brief (75 words or fewer) bio.

Please respond by October 20, 2020 if you would like to be included.

Thanks again.
Victoria Waddle on behalf of the editorial staff
Inlandia: A Literary Journey

From: Beyond Words Literary Magazine

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: [Beyond Words Literary Magazine] A Place To Talk

Dear Timothy,

Congrats! Your artwork A Place To Talk has been selected for our upcoming May edition. Please send us a short bio (up to 3 sentences) and a headshot. Also, please send us the work with better resolution.

Congrats again!
Beyond Words

From: deLuge Literary and Arts Journal

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: [deLuge Literary and Arts Journal]

Dear Timothy Phillips,

We are excited to accept the following for publication in our next issue of deLuge Journal:


Please email a brief three-line biographical note for our contributor’s page to: or let us know that you would like to use the one that you already sent us.

Again, congratulations. We look forward to including your work in deLuge. We will give you the opportunity to proof your work before we publish the issue online and, of course, let you know when the issue is published. We are currently planning to publish the issue in Fall, 2020.

Thanks again.
Sue Scavo
deLuge Literary and Arts Journal

Art For A New Earth

From: Aidan Sullivan

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: We love it!

Hey Timothy,

This work is personal and powerful. We love the feeling that clearly went into these unique and intuitive creations. We love how they take a divergence from most of the art we already have up there! We will be accepting “Keylime estate,” “Fusion,” and “The Melancholy Of Twilight.” We will be sending our next newsletter out in mid-late February and we decide closer to our deadline which ten pieces to include. If interested in receiving the newsletter, you can sign up on our site:

Additionally, we looked at your web links and we love the variety of work you are creating. The subjects you choose and the way you portray them provoke thought and feeling. Art For A New Earth is a celebration of all the channeled artists in the world right now and we are stoked that you are part of the community:) We have rolling submissions so feel free to submit more in the future. Pieces will be sorted and chosen for the Art For a New Earth book in December. Thank you again for your submission, keep this killer work going, the world is lucky to receive the energy you are putting out there!

Aidan Sullivan

From: Sheepshead Review

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: [Sheepshead Review] Bountiful Colors Natures Eye Candy

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Thank you for sending us "Bountiful Colors Natures Eye Candy." We are excited to inform you that we would like to publish it in the next issue of Sheepshead Review. We will be in touch within the next couple week with more details in regards to proofs. Congratulations—we look forward to featuring your work in our journal.


Sheepshead Review,
Zach Schneider

From: The Healing Muse

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: Your Submission Without Color Through My Eyes to The Healing Muse

Dear Timothy Phillips,

We are pleased to accept Miami Docks, The Gathering, for publication in The Healing Muse 20.

We require First North American Serial Rights (rights to the work return to the author/artist after the journal is published). Please sign and date the attached consent form and email back to us as soon as possible. We also feature some of our published work on our website. If you would like your work to be considered, please check the box on the attached Permissions form.

You will receive two complimentary copies of the issue in which your work appears, so please also verify that the mailing address listed on Submittable is current. You may order additional copies for $6.00 per journal (shipping and handling included).

***As we are on a tight publication deadline, please review your biography and make sure it's up to date. As a reminder, biographies must be 50 words or less. We will be pulling the bios on September 15, so please make sure to review/update it before that date.***

Welcome to The Muse!

Deirdre Neilen, Editor

From: The Scriblerus

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: [The Scriblerus] Beautiful Abodes

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Thank you for sending us "Beautiful Abodes". We love "Miami Docks" and would like to publish it in the next issue of The Scriblerus. We adore your piece, and know it will be a great addition to our journal.

Your piece will appear in our Spring 2020 issue, which will be live in May.

Thanks again for submitting; we are here because of artists like you. Have a wonderful day.


Joshua Robinson
The Scriblerus

From: Ryan Smith

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: Beautiful Abodes

Dear Timothy,

On behalf of Reed Magazine, we want to thank you for your submission and offer you our congratulations! Your artwork, "Hemmingway Corner II", has been chosen for publication in Issue 153.

Please respond as soon as possible to let us know if this piece is still available for publication. Once we receive confirmation that this piece is available, we will need you to fill out our "153 Art Publication Preparation" document and return it by Jan. 15, 2020. This document asks for your bio, mailing address, and social media handles. Additionally it also includes a publishing agreement granting us First North American Publishing Rights.

We received a record-breaking number of submissions this year, and among them all, our Art Team felt that your piece exemplified the aesthetic we were looking for.

Thank you again for your submission, and happy holidays!

Ryan H. Smith
Lead Art Editor

From: Castabout Art & Literature

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: [Castabout Art & Literature] [Congratulations!]

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Congratulations! This message confirms the acceptance of one of your submissions "Flock Of Feather" to the cover of an upcoming publication of Castabout Art and Literature. We hope that you will allow us to publish your work on the cover. Your submission was excellent! Thank you so much for submitting it.

Thanks again.
Nathan Dantoin
Castabout Art and Literature

From: peculiar

To: Timothy Phillips

Subject: RE: [peculiar] The Beauty Of Nature

Dear Timothy Phillips,

Thank you so much for your submission! We were overwhelmed by submissions for this next issue, and we are so happy to say that yours left us wowed! We would love the opportunity to publish “The Beauty Of Nature” in our upcoming collection.

Please respond as soon as possible and let us know if this piece is still available for publication.

If so, we'll contact you soon to let you know if we need a high-resolution image of your piece or not. Once the journal has been printed, you will receive your free contributor’s copy by mail.

Please let us know if you have any questions.